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Welcome to the Roughrider Rodeo Association
Dates and Times have been updated for each rodeo.
***Please note the phone entry times have changed to 4:00 - 7:00 pm on Monday.***
Email Entry is still available this year. 
Congratulations to:
Ally Brown - Marla Zingg Jr. Sportsmanship Award
Jesse Olind - Quail Bruce Jr. Sportsmanship Award
Finals Results and standings are posted!! 

Mixed Team Roping at the RRA Rodeos - We do not honor the plus or 1/2 member system. No 5+ or 51/2 teams.  We do allow 4 ropers to rope with a number 1 or 2 if they are a family entered team.  We do raise the numbers, generally after the 4th of July rodeos.  Usually the complaints evolve with number 4 heelers with WTRC numbers roping with a number 1 headers that never get raised.  If you are winning as a team in the open you probably will not be able to rope in the Mixed Team Roping.  The following are a list of number changes: Jon Schields - #2, Shelby Schields - #2, Al Schwalbe - #2, Jordyn Schaefer - #2, Sadie Gjermundson - #2, Jim Zieman - #2, Dalton Magilke - #2, Kirsty Langseth - #2, Jordan Staton - #3 and Trey Huber - #3.  If you have questions or issues on these changes please put them in written form and send them to the RRA office.  Thanks, Rules Committee.



Central Entry is VERY excited to announce we will be offereing email entries this year.  Please read the central entry rules on the schedule page.  There will no longer be first call first choice entries.  All entries will be randomly drawn from the preferences given.  Email entries will be taken the Friday before the rodeo through the Monday of phone entries (each rodeo has the times listed).  You will be emailing  After the first rodeo the preferences will be to members first so get your cards EARLY!!!
Phone entries will only be taken until 9:00 pm CDT on Mondays instead of the normal 10:00 PM CDT!!


Only one rule change for 2014.  .

 There will be average points awarded in all events at the finals.  Those points to be awarded the same as finals go round points.



 Here is a list of the rule changes for the 2013 rodeo season. .  .Click Here




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